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Treatment Tuesday

By: Dan Ooko, Prac 1 student, Kisumu, Kenya

Purpose; Abundance and prosperity

Recognition: In this place right now and this moment, there’s only one power, one source of joy and love, one infinite intelligence. God is everything and everything is God. It is everywhere and there is not a place it is not. God’s endless energy always unfolding and manifesting as many things seen and unseen, human beings, vegetations, animals, wind and water bodies. God is light, always shining in, over and through everything and all. It’s the ever flowing unlimited abundance of wealth and prosperity.

Unification, Since God is all and everything that there is, it manifests as abundance and prosperity in everything that exist in each and every moment. Everything that God is I am, for God and I are One. This is my Truth.

Realization/Affirmation; I now claim the abundance of the universe which is mine right this moment and now. It is who I am. I open up to more income and prosperity and something better in my life, welcoming extra income through every possible opportunities available. The universe draws support towards me to aid me with all I need and surplus to take care of my family, friends, charity work and my community. I am a co-creator together with God. All that I desire right now is flowing towards me easily and effortlessly. Anything that stands in my way is dissolving right now, allowing all that is mine to come to me with maximum ease. As I say yes to this Truth, opportunities are opening for me right now. I step into the realm of the Wholeness of unlimited Abundance of financial freedom. Right now, my desire for more income is being realized. My personal and ministry needs are being satisfied now.

Thanksgiving; I happily give thanks for this prosperity and my reality of Abundance which is mine through extra income, I celebrate this Truth knowing that it is already mine.

Release: I release this Word into the Law knowing that it’s done.

And so it is!!!


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