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Good Health

By: Michael Kiargu, RScP

Recognition: There is only One! One power, one infinite divine loving power that is at the back of everything. It is the power that is organizing everything in this universe with perfect precision. Every molecule, every atom in this universe is perfectly organized and placed by this power.

Unification: I am a unique emanation of this one power, a treasured and beloved child of the most high. It therefore follows that I am divine. I am all the divine qualities of this power that is sometimes called God.

Release: I now open my heart and open my mind to this idea that my body is the manifestation of this divine goodness. Every cell of my being radiates my divine nature of love, peace and harmony. Health and well-being is mine by divine birth right. I let go of every mental notion of separation from my divine good. Every day and in every way, in an ever-increasing manner, my body reflects back to me my true divine nature.

Thanksgiving: I celebrate and rejoice in this truth. My heart is filled with gratitude knowing that it is done, perfect, whole and complete.

Release: I let go and let God. And so it is.


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