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Treatment Tuesday

By: Christopher Okello, Prac 1 student, Kisumu, Kenya

Treatment for increased finances

Purpose: “Money flows to me easily, frequently and in increasing amounts”

Recognition: The Infinite Source Energy called God exist everywhere, in everything and as everything that is visible and invisible. God is in the air, the lakes, the rivers, mountains, plants and animals. God is Power, God is Love and God is Perfection. God is Peace and Harmony. God is abundant like the stars in the sky and like the sands of the ocean.

Unification: I know that this Infinite Source Energy called God expresses itself in through and as me. I am one with this Divine Power. I am the Power of God and the Perfection of God. I am the abundance of God and the Perfect Peace and Harmony of the Divine.

Realization: Right now right here I deeply recognize Divine Power flowing into my life in the form of Abundance. Infinite Intelligence guides my every action towards my desired Good. My money source is expanding, allowing money to flow towards me frequently, easily and in increasing amounts. As the Law of circulation operate in my life, I experience increased income from expected and unexpected sources. I am paying all my debts and bills on time and have enough money to cater for my needs and the needs of my family and some to save in my bank account. I enjoy the freedom and peace that is in my life as a result of this abundance.

Thanksgiving. I am grateful for the good that is manifesting in my life right now right here

Release: With a joyful heart, I release my Word to the Law knowing that it is already done

And so, it is.


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