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CSLKenya's Current Projects

We currently have multiple special projects that are ongoing in our community. This area will share these with you. If you wish to donate to any of these projects, please go to the Support - Change for Change page and select the Projects jar. We so appreciate your support! We can't do it without you!

Translation Project

Meet our Kiswahili Translation Team. These three men, Patrick Ngugi, James Otumba, and Duke Nyakweba are working diligently on translating Ernest Holmes writings and Science of Mind student workbooks into Kiswahili. They began with “This Thing Called You” which has been translated, a book cover selected, and is now in publication! They are currently finalizing “How to Change Your Life”. Their next project will be “365 Days of Richer Living”. They are super busy! 


In between, those lofty tomes, they have translated the student workbooks for “This Thing Called You” and “Change Your Thinking Change Your Life” which will be offered in Oct. 2022.


As we reach out to other countries in Africa, our Kiswahili translations will make this teaching more accessible. Kiswahili is now considered the unifying language of most African countries. What an exciting time for CSLKenya!

equipment loan 4.jpg

We discovered as we taught classes on Zoom, that our students were having tons of technical issues. Most of our students attend classes on their phones and apparently not all Smart Phones are smart. It requires a certain version of a phone to handle the Zoom app. Many students don’t have strong internet connections or enough money to pay for internet packets. In Kenya, you can buy or borrow internet time and so several of our students were being dropped because their packet ran out. 


Also not all of our Professional Studies (Practitioner and Ministerial) students had laptops and were writing homework by hand, taking a photo with their phone and sending it to the teacher. As one of them, I can assure you, we were extremely challenged with that homework. 


This program loans used or refurbished phones to students who are committed to classes but can’t afford the cost of a new phone. We loan laptops to professional studies students for homework, research, and service projects to the Centre. 

Equipment Loan Program

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See My Inner Life Everywhere

The SMILE Youth Program is an outreach program for CSLKenya. The goal of this program is to give disadvantaged youth exposure to SOM Principles and tools, team building, positive thinking, and leadership skills to increase their opportunities as they grow into adulthood.


The program in Kisii, Kenya is lead by James Otumba, a Practitioner II student. He leads a morning program at Duke Nyakweba’s compound and in the afternoon at Harambee Boys Home. The program at the Briton School in the Mukuru Kwa Njega Slum, is lead by Nancy Ngugi RScP. 

SMILE Youth Program

Briton School

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