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Classes in Nairobi

The accredited classes offered at the Centre for Spiritual Living Kenya will give you the systems, practices and tools needed to absolutely transform your life!

FEB. 17 at 8 pm Kenya . 

Discovery Class

Come learn about what Science of Mind is really all about, who and how it started, and the basics about what we believe and teach…

You will:

  • Discover your potential.

  • Learn some of the basic terminology used in the Science of Mind.

  • Learn how your thoughts create your life.

  • Explore the importance of identifying and releasing false beliefs and thereby reveal the true perfection of your nature.

  • Discover how to think scientifically and effectively.

  • Explore the principles of successful living.





How to Change Your Life


March 13

8:00 - 10:00 PM Kenya 

This class introduces you to a new perspective on your role in creating ideal relationships, prosperity and health through the basic metaphysical principles which govern the conditions of our lives. You will learn how to apply principles and tools on a daily basis to enhance all aspects of your life.


  • Examine the Creative Process.

  • Explore “ideal” relationships and how spirituality, beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors affect those relationships .

  • Learn tools for changing emotionally harmful behavior.

  • Uncover beliefs about abundance and prosperity  and develop a new relationship with money.

  • Use forgiveness and gratitude as tools to unleash greater abundance .

  • Examine how the mind/body connection relates to health and wholeness.


What If It All Goes Right?

Mondays, Feb. 26 - 

8-10 pm Kenya time

description of class to come. 



Thursdays, Feb. ** 

8-10 pm Kenya time

Are you having difficulty financially? Is paying your bills a monthly struggle? Are you stressed and worried about money? This class will help you answer “Why?”,”How can I change this experience?.” and “Where do I begin? In Spiritual Economics you will learn to step into the flow of use The Law of Circulation. 


  • You will gain a greater understanding of the basic metaphysical principles which govern our financial well-being. 

  • Create a new definition of prosperity and learn how to use these principles effectively in everyday life.

  • Understand that prosperity is a way of thinking and being - not something you “get.” 

  • Realize affluence literally means ‘an abundant flow’.”


Power Journaling

Tuesdays , April 2 - May 21

 from 8-10 pm Kenya time

Power Journaling: 

Elevating Self-Enlightenment


Power Journaling invites each participant, through personal exploration, to expand self-awareness in the highest and most meaningful ways. Each monthly class provides a forum for students to learn techniques, engage what they learn, and appreciate why these practices are relevant in their lives. 


With each power journaling technique, students explore and experience their deeper selves in ways they have likely never done before. These tools elevate self-awareness, enrich the formulation of ideas, and inspire the creation of personal action steps. 


Each class invites students to say “Yes” to greater possibilities for their ever-unfolding lives.


To Be Announced 

description of class to come. 

A New Way of Thinking

     It has been said that life is a classroom and we are all students.  The Centre for Spiritual Living Kenya offers you an opportunity to enroll in a series of accredited classes that will empower you to change your life...for good.

      In 1926, Dr. Ernest Holmes authored the classic textbook, The Science of Mind.  The ideas are based on universal principles taught by masters from every age.  The premise is simple: we live in a spiritual universe which responds to our deepest thoughts and feelings—  in essence, our thinking creates our experience.

     If we want to change our experience, we must change our belief system (our way of thinking).  We can’t expect to change overnight.  Because it has taken many years to create our current beliefs, we need a definite system and tools to assist us in this exciting process.

Why Take Classes? 

     The basic principles we study are profound, but not necessarily easy to embody and practice in our daily lives. The classroom is where we experience the practical application of principle.  The process of regular class attendance is how we begin to embody a true change in our consciousness. 
     No matter who you are or what the current issues on your spiritual path, in classes you will find a new perspective in a timeless message that is totally relevant for today.  The support of shared insights and the opportunity to ask questions in a classroom setting, offers a learning environment not attained with solitary study.  The discipline of regular attendance and weekly readings create a framework for asking the big questions about life and our place in it.



Don't delay your success another day...

Professional Growth Path


This path teaches all about Science of Mind, its principles, practices, and methods. Classes focus on deepening your knowledge of the way Life works and how our lives get to be the way they are. It includes classes on the Creative Process, Meditation, Visioning, Prosperity and even the Bible (with a New Thought perspective). These classes are always available and range from 6 – 10 weeks. 


The Practitioner Path

A Licensed Spiritual Practitioner is a person of high spiritual consciousness and deep understanding of the spiritual nature of Life as well as a deep and personal relationship with the Divine. A Licensed Spiritual Practitioner is trained in the study of the Science of Mind, and in the art, science and skill of Spiritual Mind Treatment, also known as Affirmative Prayer. Licensed Spiritual Practitioners are dedicated to the cause of helping others and sacred service through teaching classes, workshops, leading groups, providing Treatment and Spiritual Counseling Sessions. There are specific classes required to become a Licensed Practitioner. If you are interested please contact the office for a copy of the Practitioner Path. 

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