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Wholeness, Faith, and Flow

By: Flaminia Fumagalli, Prac 1 student Affirmation: I am the Flow of Life, Faith is the balm of my heart, and I move with grace as I know that all is good. The Flow of Life shows me the way as I open my heart for more Joy, more Light, more Love. I naturally expand as I step back into Source. Recognition: I know that there is only one Power and that it’s Good. I know there is one only Creator, the Life Source, the Breath that gives life to all, the visible and invisible. There is one only Presence which is pure and good. It creates for more. It creates out of love. It is the Power, the Essence, the Perfection. It manifests itself in its creation. And as it is Perfect, it’s creation is perfect as they are one. Unification: and as the Source of Life, what I call Spirit, is the only Essence, it is all that I’ve ever been, all that I am and all I will always be. Spirit is, I am. It is in me, through me, as me. As it is Perfect and Pure, so I am perfect and pure. As it is stable and Perfect, I am stable and perfect. As it Essence, I am essence. Realisation: and so I speak my word, and I declare that I am the flow of Life, and I surrender to the perfect flow of Life which I am. I let go of any thought, of any voice which is not the Truth and doesn’t serve me, and I surrender into Faith: I know that my life unfolds in the good direction which is the only possible way. I let go of what is not true, and the conditioning from the race unconsciousness and I go back within: I am Joy and Peace. I AM Joy and Peace and Abundance. I do not search, because I AM. I assist and witness the process of unfolding. My Life is good as it is. I receive gifts as I move along and these gifts give me more clarity, more consciousness. I am tranquil as I know that Life unfolds in perfect timing. So I still my mind and I listen to the Voice within. As I listen to the voice within I step outside and there is no effort, no struggle, as I am the fluid Flow of Life. I listen to my body, I listen to the feelings and the sensations and I let them flow. I participate in the dance of Life and enjoy the beauty of it, the dark and the light, the fascination of all that is. My heart is at peace, my breath calm, I smile as I recognise the divine in all. Gratefulness: and I am so grateful for the messages and the messengers I receive, I am in awe for the beauty of this dance. I am grateful for who I’ve become, and am yet to become. I am grateful for the infinite possibilities and colours and adventures I experience. So I release my word into the Law, knowing that all is done in the mind of Spirit. I let my word go, I release it. And so it is.


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