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CSLK Fundraisers

    Here is a list of the current CSLKenya fundraisers. The Centre is supported 100% through donations from its supporters.  We invite you to support one of these or go to our Change for Change page and support a general category. We also invite you to have your own fundraiser with us – birthday, yard sale, game night, wine tasting, clothes swap! Whatever! If you need ideas or how to’s let us know. 

    All of the money raised from any of these fundraisers goes directly to the classes, projects, food programs,  and support of the community. 

    We can’t do it without you! 


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 Because students who show up at the Briton School to learn are not turned away for lack of funds, desks intended for three or four students sometimes have five or six students crammed into them, and some students are still using inadequate wooden desks. We’re currently raising money to buy 15 new desks from a manufacturer in Nairobi, who is giving us a special rate of $80 US per desk. To be part of this exciting project, put your donation in the “Change for Children” jar. 


Update: We have received funds for 9 desks so far! Six more to go!

See below for desk delivery!

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Completed Successfully!

Secret Santa!

This project was beyond successful.

Let the bells ring with grateful cheers. 

Big thanks to all who gave so freely and felt the joy of supporting this project.  Exceptional thanks to CSL Kelowna, CSL Columbia and respective communities, for lovingly and joyfully promoting it and your generous giving. To Calgary CSL and CSL Campbell River for your generous donation (tithe). It is very much appreciated. The Spirit of Givingness, of Christmas, is alive in each of you. BLESS you.

To the team of Spiritual Warriors who ran this program, Michele, Rev Barb, Rev Kathryn, Nancy and Wilkister…..THANK YOU. The families were very surprised and grateful, some were so emotional they wept. We are pleased to be able to share the pictures of the food distribution, a big job but so rewarding. 

Happy Holy-days to everyone. Love, Health and Peace. Rev Gwen and Rev Barb.

See below for food delivery!


Briton Desk Donations!

Briton Secret Santa Food!

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