Treatment Tuesday - Work!

By: Elena Brooks, R.Sc.P

Purpose: to realize that my work is the expression of God as is my whole life.

Recognition: There is only one Mind, one Life, one Spirit, one Infinite Intelligence that just is, that is manifested in every form, every thought, every action around and within me. All there is - is Spirit unfolding in its Divinity expressing itself, realizing itself through everything and everyone.

Unification: This Spirit expresses itself through me just like it does through everything else; this Spirit is in me, this Spirit is ME filling in the form of my body, filling in my thoughts, expressing itself through the movements of my body, the thoughts and intentions of my mind as it animates everything else. Everything is one Spirit manifest in a variety of forms it thought of.

Realization: The Spirit of God is manifest through me, through my experiences, my thoughts and actions. I know that Spirit is always in action and it works through me to express Itself and have the best and greatest experiences in this form. I know that all my experiences are the experiences of God. The presence of God is within me and the Divine Intelligence animates my being. All the experiences I have are the experiences of God within me and they all have the only purpose – for God to express and know Itself. I know God expresses Itself through my work and I know the Spirit within me is working though me to help me realize the Presence of God within me and to allow me to realize that my work is the way for God to express Itself. I know that the Spirit within me is working through me to help me to be open and receptive to the idea that I am the manifestation of God and that my work is the way for God to express itself.

Thanksgiving: I am so grateful for the Spirit that is always in action to be helping me to realize the Presence of God within me, and that my work is the way for God within me to express Itself. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Release: I release this word into the Divine and Perfect Law knowing that this or something better is already done. And so it is!

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