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Treatment Tuesday

PURPOSE: Attainment of a higher level of God consciousness.

By: James Adero Otumba, Kisumu, Kenya

RECOGNITION: Right now and here, I confess the Presence of Only one Energy. This Energy is in Infinite forms, from which all Power is gotten. This is the Power that fills and moves All that there is. This very source of Omnipotent Power is Omniscient. It fills the limited world of the senses and the Whole of the unfathomable world of imagination. This All Powerful and All knowing Being is Omnipresent. It is in each and every spot in space and every point in time.

UNIFICATION: I am an inseparable and indivisibly part of this Essence. I am this Essence. This Essence works for me, with me, through me and as me. This is WHO I AM. I am in Essence Perfect, Pure, Complete and One with the Whole.

REALIZATION: I therefore embody all the courage and confidence from the realization of my Oneness with the source of all Power. What then shall I fear? With an ever-present source of Wisdom that illuminates every nook and cranny of my whole life, my life steps are full and sure, with full authority and confidence. My energy vibrations are at a record high and my intellect at its peak at all times. I am a perfect individualization of God and embody all Its attributes. This is in accordance with the ever-present Divine Law. A Law that is not a respecter of persons. A Law that acts with mathematical exactitude and never fails. This is the Law that governs the Universe and the entire cosmos. I align myself with the geometry of this Law. This Law that supports and sustains me at all times. It's in this Law that I live, move and have my Being.

THANKSGIVING: I am filled to overflowing with deep heartfelt gratitude for this convergence of Universal grace upon my life at all times.

RELEASE: I release my Word into the Law. I let go and let God. And so it is.


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