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Treatment Tuesday

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

By: Christopher Okello

Affirmation: Abundance flows into my life in the form of extra income from expected and unexpected sources


God is all there is: Powerful, Knowing, Present, always creating. God has no beginning and no end. God’s power is endless like the sun that forever shines, bathing the earth in boundless light, heat and warmth. God is present everywhere. There is no space that does not have God in it. God exists everywhere and in everything, in both the visible and invisible. God’s Creative force enabled everything – the visible and invisible, to come into being. Creative Force leads to the steady flow of unlimited abundance. God is Abundance!


God expresses in, through and as me. I am Spirit in human form. I am one with Divine Energy that flows in, through and as me. I am the Power of God and the Abundance of God. I am boundless source of Creative energy.


I fully and deeply realize that God’s Abundance is flowing into my life right now right here in the form of extra income from expected and unexpected sources. Divine Intelligence is guiding my actions, directing me to my source of good. Every step I take leads me to opportunities that create an extra income. I rejoice in the knowledge that Divine Guidance leads me to the right people who help me create the extra income that I need. My phone is ringing with new job opportunities to expand my income and I am meeting new people who require my knowledge, skills and expertise. I am filled with joy because of the good that is coming my way!


I am exceedingly grateful for the good that is already mine.


Knowing that it is already done for me, I let go and let God. And so it is!


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