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Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Welcome to our new weekly posting. Every Tuesday, we will share a treatment written by one of our CSLKenya community members. It might be from one of our Practitioners or Practitioners in Training, or even by a students taking general Science of Mind classes and who writes amazing treatments. So check back each week on Tuesday. Print it out. Read it every day. Transform your life. Enjoy!

Treatment for Tapping into the Universal Abundance

By: James Adero Otumba, Kisumu, Kenya


Right now and right here, there is only One Omnipotent Power, One Omniscient wisdom and One Omnipresent, everywhere and at all times present. It is in this One that all lives, moves and have their Being. It's this Essence that is called God, Allah, Yahweh and by so many other names in different cultures of the human Society. It encompasses all in itself and it is in all that there is. It's the Whole without which there is nothing. The All in All.


I am a pure and perfect expression of this Essence. This mighty Power works with me, in me, through me, for me and as me. I am one and the same with this Infinite Intelligence. This is me. I am therefore accessible to the inexhaustible fountain of all information past, present and future. This is me. This is who I Am.


I am filled with gratitude for the realization that all my heart's desires of wisdom, health and wealth are getting expression before my very eyes and at the most appropriate time and place. My life now enjoys all God's Abundance of Health, wealth, Love, Peace, Happiness and Joy. I now embody all these as all of these shock every atom and cell of my body, and flood my whole environment. There is an overflowing pleasantness within me and my entire surrounding, at all times and with all people. All these are made manifest by the ever precise, Divine Law.


I am overwhelmingly filled with thankfulness to the truth of my affairs being made manifest in my very experience. So grateful I'm for the abundance of life in Its entirety.


I now release my word into the Law with full and total faith and conviction that all my good is coming into manifestation right now and right here.

And so it is.


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