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Treatment for Prosperous Life

By: Nancy Ngugi,

Nairobi, Kenya

Affirmation: I have a lavish, dependable income. I live a prosperous life joyously meeting all my needs and creating everything that I desire.


There is One Power, One Infinite Source and Creator of All that is. This One began with an idea, and with that idea created the Universe in all of its rich and limitless abundance. The Universe is Infinite with billions of stars in the sky, billions of planets, the earth with countless billions of trees and grains of sand. Everything that exists is an individualization of this One, Limitless. Nothing can exist outside of this One. I call It God, Love.


I am fully aware of my connection with this Divine Abundant Source right here and right now. I am one with this Infinite Source. I am surrounded by and immersed in this Infinite goodness. I am connected and in the Flow of all Good. I am always, have been and will forever remain in complete expression of this goodness and expansion.


As I remember the Truth of my being and my connection to the Divine Source. Abundance is my birthright. I know that there is plenty of money available and accessible to me right now and always. I am always in the flow of abundance in the form of money, sharing of my gifts and accepting generous compensation for my undertakings. I have plenty of money to spend, to share and to save, right now and always. I am always making the right money decisions under direct inspiration. Any idea that there is not enough, or of limitation, or that I am not deserving is simply not true and vanishes into the nothingness that it is. There is plenty of money for everything that I require to live a rich and prosperous life. It is always available to me at exactly the perfect time. I relaxe into my wonderful experience of abundance knowing that I am always supported and provided for and this abundance is mine by Divine right.


I give thanks for the good in my life, for the money in my pockets and the savings in my bank accounts. I am grateful for all that I have and the flow of this abundance in my life.


I release my Word to the Law knowing that it is already done even before I speak it. And so it is.


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