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Treatment for Peace and Trusting the Universe

By: Michael Kiragu R.Sc.P, Nairobi, Kenya

Recognition: There is only one. One Infinite Power, one Life, one divine loving intelligence that knows everything. This power is the intelligence itself. I am one with this power that is sometimes known as God, Mwenyezi Mungu, Ngai, Nyasaye, Allah, Sir God. This God whose power, wisdom, intelligence, beauty and love is beyond human comprehension. It is the energy that runs all life, showering and embracing all in love.

Unification: I am one with every attribute of God I already am. I am divine love, life, peace, power, beauty, joy and intelligence. I am a unique divine emanation of God. I am a treasured child of God. What is true for me is true for everyone in this universe. I release every mental notion of separation from God. I open my heart and mind to experience this divine irrevocable Truth. I honor and cherish the truth of the I am presence that is me.

Realization: I release all my intentions and desires to God, that is always working and conspiring for my highest good. As I let go of all my intentions I open my heart and mind to the field of infinite possibilities. I rest in the truth of knowing that since God is Perfect everything is unfolding in a perfect manner. I release all fear and worry. As I open my heart and mind to the truth of divine connectedness, divine love, peace that surpasses all human understanding, all fear fades away into the nothingness from where it came. I release the past knowing that Universal intelligence is always present in all beings and all situations. I see clearly now and I experience the divine visceral joy that has always been me. I completely trust that infinite organizing power is orchestrating the divine unfoldment of my life and the planet.

Thanksgiving: I joyful give loving thanks. I rejoice. I give thanks for God's presence in me. I am grateful for all this and so very much more.

Release: It is done. It is perfect. It is complete. I let go, knowing all is in Divine Order. I acknowledge that God's will is now being manifested. I surrender to God and trust in the perfection of the Universe. And so it is.


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