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By: James Adero Otumba, Kisumu, Kenya

RECOGNITION: God is in all, through all and as all. God is all the power that there is in different forms; all the ever expanding intelligence that ever permeates all. This is my deep understanding, strong conviction and belief.

UNIFICATION: God reveals Its perfect expression of Life in me, through me, and by means of me. God's Life is my Life, my Power, my Intelligence, my Love, my Abundance and my Joy. I am therefore, inseperably One at the Source with this Infinite Presence and Power. God works with me, for me, through me, and as me at all times.

REALIZATION; God reveals Itself to me as abundance. I observe abundance in my whole environment. My thinking is unlimited in its conception and by the law of reciprocity, my Source is unlimited in Its creation. When I make use of the creative power of thinking prosperously, I direct the Law to make my prosperity an exciting fact. In my life there is a bounty of riches moving into my experience with ease. My accounts are overflowing with money to share generously and spend lavishly. Nothing in my past or present blocks my Divine gift of prosperity. I am entitled to inherit the Kingdom and I claim this inheritance. As I contemplate the grace of an opulent lifestyle, I allow feelings of prosperity and plenty to flood my sense. It is good and very good.

THANKSGIVING; My gratitude knows no bounds. I am eternally grateful for my life is a complete blessing. For the Law enables me to create my experience, both within and without.

RELEASE; I, with joy, release my Word into the Law as I let go and let God. And so it is.


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