To Emerge Post Covid

by: Flaminia Fumagalli, Prac 1 student

Affirmation: I accept and I gently move into a new space. My Faith prevails over doubts, expansion prevails over fear. I step into the space of calm realisation of a new greatness. I exit the isolation. I choose growth over protection and bring light with me. I am not afraid because I step into the light. Recognition: In this moment, here and now I know there is One Universe, One Power, One Infinite Energy which I call the Life Source. It is perfect, immutable, light and bright. It is the source of all that is. It is the presence in its creation, the constant movement of its creation and the calm in all. It is at all times in all places. It is its creation and not. It is all there is Unification: and as I know the Source of Life, this Energy, is all there is, I know it is all that I’ve ever been, all I am here, all I’ll ever be. As it is perfect and light, so I am perfect and light. It is in me, through me and as me, it is my breath, my cells, my soul, and all in between. Realisation: and as I know this truth I speak my word and declare for myself that I move in this Energy, I am led and directed. I step out into more Life, more Joy, more Abundance as I experience a new reality. I know that the protection and the isolation served me right and I can leave the cocoon as I am safe. I move with the Light as Life expresses through me. I release what does not serve me anymore. I bless the protection I searched for among the warm walls. I release and I step into the new place of calm realisation of greatness, of more, of Life. I release fear and doubt as I act, and breath, and move and expand in Faith. I know that it is ok. I am Infinite Energy and as I am it, it leads me and I let it lead me. I am open and I accept this change. Thanksgiving: I am so grateful for the consciousness of Infinite Life and I am grateful for the gentle moves that I take in the Light. I am grateful as my heart feels light and free. I am grateful for the expectancy of more Life that comes with every little step I take out of the cocoon. Releasing: and so I release my word into the Law, knowing that the design is already done in the mind of the one. I let go and I surrender in Faith, And so it is

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