The Route Home

Updated: Mar 21

By: Chrispine Otieno Nyamanga

Knowledge and truth,

Unlocks my freedom,

To think and decide,

On my journey home,

Universal Mind,

The spirit that is genderless

Limitless with Wholeness,

Perfect and full with goodness,

Creative with infinite intelligence,

Owns truth that unlocks freedom,

Self discovery and potential.

The Universe,

Responds to man indiscriminately,

With affirmation and faithfulness

Love, peace and harmony

Are our divine heritage

Divine experience from the spirit

That we echo

And consciously embody and demonstrate decisively

Never compels but plays the tune of our thoughts

Right thoughts for the right embodiment and manifestation

The power,

So limitless that we share in

Power of One Mind that works for us

Through us

In unity of Oneness blooming in Wholeness

And multiplicity for diversity of Oneness

In the beginning;God

The perfect and supreme spirit

Vibrating with health and life

The Universal intelligence

The Absolute

The Omnipresent

The Omniscient

The Omnipotent Conscious of Itself

Created through consciousness

And manifested through form from formless

Through Word, the law

That word adapted Its nature

And therefore, the image and likeness we echo

Nature of God

I see man,I see God

Through us,he reveals Himself

Divine pure spirit

That we are

God, our body,an authentic manifestation of the Spirit

Universal and Greater I am

The Power that knows Itself.

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