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Prayer of St. Francis - Science of Mind

By: Philip Osumba

Adapted from the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

I AM an instrument of peace

Where there’s hatred , I AM Love

Where there’s injury, I AM Pardon

Where there’s despair, I AM Hope

Where there’s darkness, I AM Light

Where there’s sadness, I AM Joy

O divine Givenness, I Know I AM here

To be of service and to be an

Individualized Expression of your Creative Flow.

I know I AM not here to be consoled but to console

Not to be understood but to understand,

I Am here to be Loved, to be Love and to Love as

It is the greatest commitment of them all

For it is in sharing your goodness, that

I receive your ever-flowing Grace.

It is in forgiving that I know there is no wrongdoing

And it is in dying that I get to be reunited

With the Eternal Presence that it is My Nature


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