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River of Blessing

By: Patrick Ngugi

There I lay, sickly and dying

Yearning for riches

But the more I got

The more I craved

And anxiety heaped

Jealously guarding vanity

Envy nibbling my soul

Serving my covetous appetite

With plates of ulcers,

Headaches, insomnia, hypertension

Doctors, drugs dancing with my dough

Until I halted my ego

… Let go …

… Sat still…

And I discovered God

Then I heard the Spirit

Speaking to me

“Give freely and become

A channel of My Grace

It is in giving that you are freed

From vain wandering of the soul

Unconditional benevolence

Unites the giver and the given

The giver and the given become one

In giving you surrender a part of you

And part of God to the given

Richly blessed are the generous

For they always have a clear soul

But the miser and the mean

Will never have enough

For they are not even sure

That what they have is theirs

Hoarding invites ill health

Of the mind, body and soul

Since you close the channel

Of My river of blessings

And abundance…”

After the Spirit departed

I began to see God in everyone

Everything was in God

And God was in everything

I discovered the joy of giving,

And sharing

There was a tonic in letting go

For when I gave, I gave to God

And God gave me bliss and Joy

I became rich beyond measure

Miseries dried like mist in the morning sun

I felt rejuvenated

Each time a beggar’s grateful smile

Turned into a flowery fragrance

Whenever I shared with them

His smile became my smile

And I discovered that

You can never have enough

And you can’t give enough

And you will never be broke

Because you have given

The only love that you keep

Is the love that you have given

©️ Patrick Ngugi 130716


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