By: Christine Okili, R.Sc.P

Recognition: God is my calling. There is only one God, ngapi, nyasaye, mungu, one creative intelligence all powerful all knowing, and everywhere present. The infinite Life and Intelligence.

Unification: I am the undeniable reality of my God-given self. I willingly embrace an ever greater awareness of who and what l am. I am a unique Creation of God. I express my Life with great passion. I am the creativity of God expressing my life in the fullness of this Knowing I am deeply aware of the Oneness that flows through me. I center in on that beautiful connection.

Realization: I realize I am the creativity of God expressing my life, forever surprising and amazing myself with wonders of vision understanding and delight of experience. My work, my family, my friends all evolve in the presence of God which I cheerfully seek and accept without reservation. I always know what I see before me as my expression of thoughts and feelings, and knowing that God within always guides me. I act with confidence, accepting my perfect and successful result and my life flows with ease and grace.

Thanksgiving: I give gratitude for life that expresses through me now. I give gratitude for my perfect life, I live in Peace gratitude and love, filled with joy as I acknowledge that God is my calling and answer.

Release: I release my word, an accomplished work, completely assured that the law of mind acts to make it so even as I speak it. And so it is.

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