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Love for the Body as Divine

By: Rosaia Roberto, RScP

Recognition: I recognize and know there is only one Source, one Creative Power, one Consciousness, one Life. It is called with many names: Spirit, The One, Source, First Cause, God. It is that that creates and sustains and transforms all that there is. It is the essence and stuff of which all is made, the one creating the stars, mountains, flowers, every living being as perfect expressions of its divine creative urge.

Unification: I am one with this infinite powerful force as a manifestation of it, and I know so is everyone.

Realization: I realize that divine perfection, beauty, love is all there is. It expresses itself in and as every cell of my body, as my hair, skin, bones, muscles, organs in a unique and beautiful way. No other human being has the same voice, fingerprints, DNA, skin, eyes, body as me and that makes me a unique expression of Divine life manifest in and as me. My body is God’s body, it is a sacred, divine, perfect, a whole manifestation of God’s desire to be joyfully alive. I am indeed a vessel of divine creativity, love and beauty. God lives through and as my body, sees through my eyes, feels through my skin, breathes through my lungs, loves through my heart, hears through my ears, thinks through my mind.

I realize that when I love and nurture, honor and appreciate my body, I love, nurture and honor the divine Source of all. I realize and rejoice about the power of my muscles, the miracle of my organs, the innate regeneration capacity of my cells, the self-healing gifts of my tissues, the perfection of this system that is my human body. I am in awe and filled with gratitude. I realize my capacity to connect with life, aliveness, vitality, beauty, health and I allow life as living spirit to enliven, regenerate and hold me. I feel humbled and honored to be a loving channel of Divine presence. I deny anything that is not uttermost love and appreciation, honor and respect for this Beautiful, Unique, Incomparable, Perfect Divine Manifestation that is my body. The truth is that all divine manifestations, all living beings, all living bodies are as perfect as God is perfect, as beautiful as God is beauty, are loved and loveable as God is Only Love.

Thanksgiving: I am grateful for this knowing, I trust and know that my heart and mind are now open and ready and deeply receive, expect and deserve this Truth.

Release: I release my word to the Law with deep feelings of Faith, Joy, Love and Devotion, knowing that all is complete and done in the mind of the One.

And so it is.


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