I live by and with Inspiration and Enthusiasm

By: Flaminia Fumagalli

Affirmation: I move during the days and I am joy and I am connected. I am inspired and I am enthusiastic as I live in the Grace of Infinite Source. I am in the flow, and I feel excited, inspired, joyful, grateful.

Recognition: As I am, right here and right now, I know there is one Source, one Vital Energy, one Infinite Power, that is the only Essence of Life as it manifests into Life. It is the only Power at the back of all creation and the only Source of its own creation. It is Right and Light, it is Good as it is the only thing that is. It creates continuously and expands, yet it knows no time and no space as it is all Time and Space. It is everywhere and always. It is all there is and as such it is only good. Unification: As infinite Source is all there is, it is all I’ve always been, all that I am, and all I’m yet to be. It is my life, my before, and my future. It is in me, as me, through me. As I live my days I am Energy and Energy is me living my days. It is all my cells, my breath, my words, my Spirit, my Life. As it is Pure, I am pure. As it is ALL there is and Good, I am complete and I manifest in perfection. Realization: and so I claim that I am One with Infinite Source, I am guided and Inspired: I know my days to be a reflection of Infinite Energy: they are perfect and right and always good. I am inspired and enthusiastic. I live my days in Joy and gratefulness. I am in the flow. I am aligned and all I am and do is guided by Intuition. I rejoice in the excitement of my essence as I know that all is unfolding rightly at the perfect time and the perfect moment. I feel Infinite Energy in every cell of my body and in each breath. I expand. I create. I am guided by intuition as I am connected to Source. I am curious about my days, about people, about life, about everything I see and live as I recognize All as part of me, as part of Infinite Source as part of the One. Thanksgiving: and I am grateful for the Joy, for the Flow, for the Intuition that guides me throughout my Life. I am joyful as I know that I live guided by Intuition and perfect Flow. Realization: And so I release my Word into the Law knowing that all is already done in the mind of the One source. I release. I let go. And so it is.

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