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By: Irene Omari

Recognition: I know that there is only One Power, One Spirit, One Divine intelligence; I call it God. All powerful, ever present intelligence always creating, always renewing. God is the unlimited possibility, unconditional love and everything there is.

Unification: And because God is ALL there is, there is nothing and no-one separated from God. God is expressing itself through me, as me and this is the Truth of me. At this moment and every moment, I am one with God; One with the Divine Intelligence; One with the source of infinite possibility and unconditional love.

Realization: I now remember this Truth of me and declare that God is always good and therefore everything and every situation is always good. I open my heart to a place of forgiving myself and being unconditional love. I am Peace, kindness and Love in all my thoughts, feelings and actions.

Thanksgiving: With deep gratitude, that I open my heart to receive and express forgiveness, peace, kindness and love for myself.

Release: I now release my Word into Law knowing that it is already done in God and therefore done in me. And so it is.

1st January 2021


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