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Meet Our Translation Team

Drum roll please! Meet our very own translation team at their very first meeting! From Left: Patrick Ngugi from Nairobi, Duke Nyakweba from Kisii, and James Adero Otumba from Kisumu. A God download as she calls it, came to Rev. Gwen that what if some of our students began translating This Thing Called You into Kiswahili? Less than a week later, we had beginning funding, a project outline, approval from the Board and three very talented men committed to taking this project on.

The project involves translating two Ernest Holmes books, This Thing Called You and How to Change Your Life into Swahili for students who could use the extra support with some of our Science of Mind vocabulary, concepts, and philosophy. Would it help? Will it enable us to expand our reach into neighboring African countries? What would it be like to have an Ernest Holmes book readily available in Swahili? We are beyond excited.

This is a very serious endeavor for our team because there has already been discussion on which word is best; should a phrase be used instead; and what is the true meaning trying to be conveyed. They even suggest new words may need to be added to the Swahili language (WHAT!) to communicate these new ideas! We are so blessed to have these three amazing students willing to honor us and Kenya with this endeavor.

Rev. Gwen reached out to Home Office and they are willing to provide some grant money in the new year. They are also so very excited about this project. Rev. Gwen will be reaching out to the Hefferlin Foundation as well. We had some internal funding we could begin with and so it was a go. Funny thing is, when you're clear. When you are convicted. The Universe rushes in to say, "Yes!". Two days before Christmas, CSL Seattle posted they had extra tithing money to any Centre that had a project. Rev. Gwen reached out and within 24 hours received a $3000 grant to fund the project! So exciting!

We are looking at this as a beginning and can't wait to get into more details about publishing and making This Thing Called You available to anyone who wants it or maybe to everyone! God is Unlimited! What is also interesting is both of these books are paired with two of our classes and will fit right in as part of our curriculum. This project also began sparking other ideas. God is sparking or sparkling all over the place! Many things are now being discussed as possibilities. Firsts for us! So please applaud and thank our wonderful Translation Team! What a wonderful way to end 2021! Kwa hiyo Inasisimua and if that doesn't really mean So Exciting you can thank the Universe, it's not the me and the Google Translation Team putting Ernest Holmes' words into Swahili!


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Dec 30, 2021

Tuko tayari kufanya kazi ya Mungu hapa duniani. Baraka kwa wote waliojitolea kusukuma kazi hii ili ifikie upeo wa kuzaidia wengi ambao wako na hitaji la kuungana pamoja na Ufalme wa Mungu hapa duniani.

Ahsante sana!


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