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Updated: Mar 20, 2021

By: Patrick Ngugi, Nairobi, Kenya

It’s my universe, and I control it

For whenever I cry - it rains

I smile and sunshine appears

My anger creates thunderstorms

And earth shattering quakes

For I alone desire

And my wishes are fulfilled

I gaze into the eyes of a baby

And behold eons past and future

My frustrations, my aspirations

Vanished innocence of years gone

And fear for the little one’s soul

I venture into the park

And observe the trees and flowers

-No – they observe me

And send me their brilliant colours

And hypnotizing fragrance

And they tremble with ecstasy

As I touch and smell them

I feel the thrill of the flying eagle

And dashing dance of the diving dolphins

The cruising* cheetah chasing its prey

And feel the exhilaration of the sunrise

Offering a promise for tomorrow

And the sinking sun as falls in the west

The feeling of accomplishment at sunset

I peek into the darkened sky

Looking at the stars, the planets

And the mesmerizing milk way

All dancing and twinkling in the heavens

And I wonder – would they still waltz and rock,

Even if I weren’t here witnessing this

You look into the mirror

And see my image, and smile

And I smile back at you

For you reflect everything that’s mine

Your hopes, my dreams – constantly seeking

The unconditional love

When you cry in pain – I hurt

And am no longer at peace

And I suffer the torture

Meted on the wretched of the earth

Yes – I feel the universe

And everything in it

And it feels me back

Because I am in the Sun, the moon,

The air you breathe, the sea and you

I am the glue that holds the universe together

Yes – I am that,

I am



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