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Summer North American Tour

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Rev. Connie has been on a very busy but so enriching tour of North America. She began in Santa Rosa, wound up in Western Canada and ended in Las Vegas. Check out our Facebook page at for “Selfies” from each of the Centers or if you’re in Canada – “Centres”.

She also officiated her son’s wedding and survived freezing, since winter arrived early in Alberta. The bride and groom showed up to the wedding in a motorhome! Rev. Connie, although Canadian, had been calling and commenting (never complaining, eh) about the snow in Canada! She just went through her first Kenyan winter (May-August) and had been commenting vociferously about the cold. It seems she was not able to get warm unless she went to bed! She left extremely sunny Las Vegas where we were exceedingly HOT (triple digits) and sent pictures of the first snowfall in Edmonton. I’m going to have to work on my Canadian geography! OY!

Rev. Connie returned to Nairobi, Kenya the week of October 22. After a couple of days of recovering from travel, she resumed teaching numerous classes that week. A visiting minister, Rev. Denise Schubert from North Carolina, began classes two weeks prior and held the reins until Connie returned. The first ever minister to offer her services in Nairobi!

Her North American tour was a resounding success. She spoke at a new church every Sunday, sharing stories, and her latest passion – a Teen Ministry! Yes, that’s right - in Nov. and Dec. when school is out, she is starting a Teen Group for the youth of students in her classes and some of the children from the SLUM school who can grab transportation in to the city. Her stories about how this group came about and how just a couple of short times together have already impacted lives really touches your heart. I can’t wait to tell you those in another blog to come. Her main goal is to have her teens travel with a visiting American teen group as they go deeper into Kenya to perform three service projects in January. This is quite the story.

So here’s a quick and easy way you can help support this new Teen Ministry at CSLKenya. PENCILS!!! Yes, pencils! Rev. Kathryn Cardinal, in Edmonton, came up with the idea of selling pencils at the centre for a “Loonie” (That’s a Canadian $1).

All of the money goes to the Teen Group and the pencils go to the Briton SOM School. It seems one of the visiting volunteers brought pencils for the children at the school and the staff cut them in half so there would be enough pencils for everyone. The new goal is for every child to experience the luxury of having their very own pencil with its own eraser tip! Such ABUNDANCE right! Rev. Connie was donated 2 old fashioned pencil sharpeners to keep everyone’s pencil ready to go. Those of us who teach, know they just added a very fascinating task to those little brains. In every classroom, the pencil sharpening line is the longest!

If you decide to do this fundraiser at your Center, just let us know and we’ll post photos and a description of your event. The proceeds (and pencils!) can be sent to our:

Canadian address: US address:

CSLKenya CSLKenya

15411 Deer Side Rd SE 612 Mosswood Dr. Calgary, Alberta, T2J 5N1 Henderson, NV 89002

Science of Mind classes have begun. If you are interested in taking one of Rev. Connie’s classes long distance please contact her at: You can join others from Canada, the US, Switzerland, Uganda, and Kenya. It’s quite the eclectic group. All you do is join her online Zoom conference. It’s easy and what a different perspective it brings to the class. So if you need a class or want a refresher then consider CSLKenya.



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