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BY: Rev. Barb Samuel

I’ve been in building mode for a few months. Helping others build up their personal idea of perfection for their own personal lives.

Others, I’ve been helping and supporting tearing down personal infrastructures that no longer serve them, to create new building models of success and happiness!

I’ve been reading Niurka and loving what she says. It makes so much sense to me.

Here’s what she wrote and inspired me to share with you today. “YOU are the architect and author of your life! YOUR thoughts are creative and waiting to be activated for your highest and best self to be revealed. EVERY thought you have, EVERY word you speak, and ACTION you take is a “cause” set in motion.”

She goes onto say, You, friends, are RESPONSE-ABLE” for what shows up in your life. No one else, no Ex, no boss, no relative, no-body….not one single person. YOU are in charge. What she means by Response-Able is that no matter what happens in your personal life, you are “Able” to consciously “Respond”, and your response influences the subsequent response.

She goes onto say, “Taking responsibility and ownership for your results and experience is essential to living an empowered, joyful, successful life. It is a prerequisite to being an authentic leader.”

I invite you to embrace this idea from Niurka: You are at cause for your experience of reality and results. Imagine the Law of Cause & Effect as an equation where “cause” is greater than (>) “effect”.

CAUSE > effect

RESULTS > excuses

I say ‘cause’ is greater (>) than ‘effect’ because it is through the power of your attention, intention, choices and actions (i.e, your causes) that you can purposefully direct and influence the results (i.e, effects) of your life.

You matter.

Your “causes” matter.

They accumulate and propel you in a direction. Over time this direction becomes your destiny.

This insight of “being at Cause” is the first Step that ensures the success of this EPIC transformational life journey.

We have all the tools right in our back pocket to build an incredible infrastructure of happiness, success and fulfillment.

What will you start building? Please share and let me know.

Forever in gratitude for our flourishing, growing, powerful community in Kenya.

Abundant peace and blessings,

Reverend Barb



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