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My Path is Clear

by: Nancy Ngugi, Prac 1 student

Affirmation: I am guided, guarded and protected every step of the way. The Light of God is always shinning on me and my path is clear.


There is One Presence and It is the only Presence that knows Itself. It is All knowing and All Loving. It has no limits and is the creative Source of everything, every moment and every idea. Everything in the universe is a creation of this One, it all came from this One so there cannot be anything else outside of this One.


I breathe in this Loving Presence in unification, knowing that I am always, have been and forever will remain It’s complete and perfect expression. There is nothing else that I could be. This is the wholeness of who I am. I feel this deep connection to this Presence and let it wash all over and through me filling me up with love.


I speak into this Presence knowing this as my Truth, that nothing can separate me from God’s goodness. I know that everything in my life experience fits perfectly together and has its perfect place in creation. I know and affirm that I am fully supported by Spirit and I open myself up for expansion of life. I breathe in positive intentions and experiences for my life. As my next step is revealed I move confidently in the direction of my dreams and desires. I am clearly guided in my next perfect steps and all this is unfolding with perfect timing. There is no confusion or distractions. Any false hidden beliefs in my consciousness are made known to me and are resolved with clear awareness. I release any fear or judgment and turn it over to Spirit knowing that clarity and balance are known by me. I am at peace.


I am grateful for this clarity and give thanks for the wisdom and guidance that comes to my awareness. I live and love my life.


I speak this Truth and release it to the Law, knowing it is so. And so it is.



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