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Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Classes starting Oct. 1, 2020

Contact Nancy at the Office to Register for one of the following classes: +254 799 159 943

Discovery Class – Sunday Sept. 20 and 27 at 7pm Kenya Time

For people who want to know what Science of Mind is all about. Discovery Class is required before SOM 101.

SOM 101 – The Spiritual Path - Sunday October 4 – Dec. 7 – 7 pm Kenya time – 10 weeks - Sign up today and explore the nature of Life! Enjoy ten weeks of exploration which will lead to a success filled life.

SOM 103- Building a Healing Consciousness - Wednesday, October 7 – Nov. 25 – 8 pm. Kenya time - This course will offer you tools to change your thinking and change your life. Through practical and simple methods you will heal your consciousness.

SOM 220- Principles of Financial Freedom - Monday October 5- Dec. 7 - 7 pm Kenya time – The emphasis of this class will be on expressing spiritual principles through practical means, to produce a more financially prosperous experience of life.

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