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Join our Collective Collaboration to support our work in Kenya. We are a non-profit Science of Mind Centre that teaches and supports self-sufficiency by Changing Thinking and Changing Lives. With small change, or even large donations!, you can elevate the work at our Centre, where we teach students who live in the Slum and adults throughout Kenya how to create a different life for themselves.  Your donation will support our students with food, books, uniforms, tuition fees, and much more.  Your change can buy a hot meal, in some cases the only one a student will have for the day, at the Briton School in the Mukuru Kwa Njega Slum. Your change can buy groceries for families with limited resources due to Covid restrictions. Your change can provide books, classes, and tuition for our community which is so hungry for living life differently.
first discovery class held in 2013

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