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Welcome to CSLKenya

The Centre for Spiritual Living, Kenya seeks to awaken people to their full potential through teaching and practicing the use of the creative power of thought.


We are a community of diverse, yet like-minded individuals, who know that our thoughts create our experiences exactly according to our beliefs. We believe that all thought creates, and that new thoughts create new experiences. Through this understanding of spiritual principle, we consciously direct our life and our experiences.


We recognize that every individual is on a personal path of fulfillment and enlightenment. We offer practical and definite methods to create positive life changes that assist us in achieving our goals and dreams.


Essentially, we are a spiritual sanctuary for all people who are seeking to live a more prosperous, creative and meaningful life. And above all, like the great and gifted sages and mystics throughout history, we recognize that there is a single Infinite Creative Intelligence operating throughout the entire universe. We recognize God as the essence of spirituality - whatever your concept of God may be. We believe there are many spiritual paths, and we respect all paths.


We have a  Froggy Friday Minister's Talk every two weeks. Last year, we had 122 students complete 18 Science of Mind classes. We have a Youth and Family ministry that meet on a weekly basis - Funday Children's Church and a Young Adult Circle. We have a new office that is filled with shelves of New Thought books for loan, purchase, or student use. We not only serve students in Nairobi but our group in Kisumu is growing into an amazing satellite Centre. One of our greatest joys is the start of a 4 year fully licensed ministerial program and our Practitioner 1 studies with new practitioners in training. 

Rev. Connie, our founding minister's, vision is ever present - community, connection, and celebration. Her model and our goal is that in 5 years, Kenya will have licensed ministers who are actively running a fully functioning teaching and spiritual life Centre. Our community is eager, profound, and are changing their lives in so many ways. 

Please join us, support us, and celebrate with us as you navigate our beautiful website and learn more about us and our community. 

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Classes in Nairobi

The accredited classes offered at the Centre for Spiritual Living Kenya will give you the systems, practices and tools needed to absolutely transform your life!

Briton School

The Briton School is located in the Mukuru Kwa njega Slum in an industrial area.   It is the sole source of education for many children who live in the area. 

Support Us

We are so grateful for all of the organizations and individuals that have supported this work in so many ways.  We humbly bless the love that fuels your giving! 


Treatment and Meditation

Thursdays - April 21 - June 9

8:00 PM Kenya / 9:00 AM Pacific

“Spiritual Mind Treatment is the act, the art, and the science of consciously inducing thought, for the purpose of demonstrating a greater good in our lives. It is the time, process and method necessary to the changing of our thought.  It clears the thoughts of negation, of doubt and fear, and causing us to perceive the ever-presence of God.”

The Science of Mind - Dr. Ernest Holmes

  • This class is designed to give you a thorough understanding of the nature and practice of affirmative prayer. 


  • It will develop your understanding of how to pray effectively for yourself. Thus, how to change your life.


A New Light in the World: Ernest Holmes for the 21st Century

Sundays - Jan. 9 - March 27

7:00 PM Kenya / 8:00 AM Pacific

Ernest Holmes was an internationally renowned teacher of religious psychology, a beloved scholar, mystic, and prolific author, who founded one of America’s oldest continually-published magazines and the entire Religious Science. He believed in   a religion that was hopeful, practical, democratic, and all-encompassing, and built around a practice of prayer in which one “prays the answer instead of theproblem.” In this class, you will be exposed to a variety of his writings over the course of his life. You will be challenged to think outside of the box as he did. Celebrate his love of people and facility for seeing past their problems into the heart of their eternal being anticipates modern psychology, while relating the human condition to a limitless ability to choose what to think and how to feel. 


Living My Life Purpose

Mondays - TBA

8:00 PM Kenya /9:00 PM Pacific

This is an extraordinary course developed by Reverends Lloyd Strom and Marcia Sutton. The invitation for each participant as the Intensive unfolds, is to deepen their faith in the power of Love through their personal relationship with God. The materials are designed to expand one's knowledge of Principle, to practically apply Truth, and to explore one's calling by creating a personal Sacred Covenant. The Living My Life Purpose Intensive condenses this powerful 8-week course into 5 spectacular days. There is an opportunity for a profound experience of the "Consciousness of Christ," which Dr. Ernest Homes writes is "The Truth of ourselves."


Discovery Class


8:00 pm Kenya/9:00 PM PST

Come learn about what Science of Mind is really all about, who and how it started, and the basics about what we believe and teach…

You will:

  • Discover your potential.

  • Learn some of the basic terminology used in the Science of Mind.

  • Learn how your thoughts create your life.

  • Explore the importance of identifying and releasing false beliefs and thereby reveal the true perfection of your nature.

  • Discover how to think scientifically and effectively.

  • Explore the principles of successful living.





This program is temporarily on hold due to Covid. 

Join Us in Kenya

Be stirred by Spirit as you travel on a special African Safari & Outreach Journey to Kenya, East Africa! 

It is our vision to create a unique African experience for you! 

Find out how we can help you, or your group, create your

dream safari! 

A trip of a lifetime!

Volunteer at the Briton School

Visit the Giraffe Centre

Visit David Sheldrick's

Elephant Orphanage

Experience the unique Kenyan culture at Bomas of Kenya

Immerse yourself in the quiet

beauty of Africa!