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The Flood: Mother Nature's Lament

Updated: Jun 16

By: Linah Dee

Do I now have your attention?

I have sat so patiently, waiting for you to see me,

Longing for you to hear my plea, yearning for you to embrace me.

I've offered sweet scents, a soft, sweet call, hoping you'd remember me after all.

I’ve birthed nourishment, my love's true sign, giving to you, for you are mine.

I've watched, the ever-busy mother, tending to every sister and brother.

You’ve busied yourself, you don't see, closed your ears to the whispers from me.

You've cut and tread on my brown skin, doused my sweet scents with smoke within.

Turned away from the fruits of my womb, ignoring the gifts that make me bloom.

Now, I stir, can you feel my call? Now, you must stop and see me, after all.

Now, the only sound you'll hear is my roar, cleansing the filth, restoring my core.

When you walk outside, my scent will rise, reminding you of nature's ties.

Remember what my gifts mean to you, as I weave my world anew.

Does the sight of all you've buried disgust? Does my thunder strike fear and


Does my weaving without thought offend, Upsetting the balance you sought to


I shall rest, my anger quelled, letting you partake of gifts once held.

I shall let you see each other again, lulling you to sleep as peace begins.

I shall pull back my tears and cleanse, the air once more, making amends



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