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Spiritual Beings: 7th Spiritual Law

Recently I was reviewing some curriculum that I am teaching with Flaminia, one of our practitioner students.

Within the workbook are the list of the Spiritual Laws. The seventh is “Spiritual Being”. I found this interesting as I do not recall this one as a part of the list before this but that is another topic: my memory! Now that does not mean it has been recently added, maybe I am just seeing it for the first time, now. And this was part of a conversation that I had only a few days ago with a young lady who was wondering about “spirituality”.

This young woman had been raised in a Mennonite religion but had not been active since a young teen. She had questions regarding spirituality, and she knew it was somehow a part of her beliefs and that ‘it’ existed. Now into the conversation, she revealed that her take on what her understanding of spirituality meant to her was about ‘spirits’. Those that have passed before and come back and spook you by causing the room to be suddenly cool or moving objects etc. When I questioned her further, she did see herself as spiritual but could not articulate it. She felt that spirituality was something she had to work out and learn how to become to access it. If she felt this way, I know there are others that feel this way. We are spiritual right in this minute just as we are, knowing we are made of God stuff. We are just asleep to It.

It brought me back to when I was about 12 years old and having my own questions and my own yearnings for more; there had to be more to my life beyond what was in front of me!

Fast forward 15 years. I met a man who was an energy healer. And he posed the question to me “are you a human having a spiritual experience or a spiritual being having a human experience?” Immediately, I said a spiritual being having a human experience. And this is the moment that brought this awareness to the forefront of my mind, and it was then that I really started to wake up and pursue my inner self, SELF.

Once we become aware of our True Nature, we can never go back to not knowing. We may forget and stumble along but we know we know! At least that is what it is like for me.

We are ‘evolving’ beings, our trajectory is a spiral. It moves upward and outward and the outward motion will be at our level of free will and choice. Do we want to evolve or stagnate? Do we want to stay in victimhood or consciously live life out loud claiming our joy, wellness, and prosperity?

The seventh Spiritual Law reads: The One Infinite Reality is both transcendent andimmanent. Individual human beings are spiritual beings living in a spiritual universe having ahuman experience. This is our True Nature.

Because it is transcendent and immanent, we can elevate above the condition because it is our essence, our Divinity. We are at liberty to use the Law and as we wake up to our spiritual magnificence, we are becoming aware of our path to “coming home”, coming home to our big “S” Selves; our True Nature, raising our consciousness in the evolutionary spiral.

Spirituality is not about religion, haunting spirits, or living in the undesirable conditions, it is Truth. It is Consciousness.

Love and Peace,

Rev Gwen Smith



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