• Rev. Barbara Samuel

Shine the Love and Light

By: Rev. Barbara Samuel

Wake up, get up start your day

Shine the love & light that you are

Throw your doubts and worries away

Shine the love & light that you are

Shine (Shine), Shine (Shine)

Shine the love & light that you are

Shine (Shine), Shine (Shine)

Shine the love & light that you are

Stand up, join in, sing along

Shine the love & light that you are

Lift your voices clear and strong

Shine the love & light that you are


Everyone, everywhere

Shine, shine, shine

You and me in community

Shine, shine, shine

These are lyrics to a song my husband and I wrote.

If you know me even the teeniest bit, you know that I hear my life through song. Including lyrics, melodies and instrumentals. I am known to spontaneously break into song at any moment without any notice. LOL

I awoke this morning thinking of my Kenyan Spiritual Fam, and THIS song popped into my thoughts. In particular, the Bridge, “YOU AND ME IN COMMUNITY”. You’ve heard me say it before and I’ll say it again, I LOVE US!

As meetings and connections and calls evolved throughout this week, the majority of my thoughts, conversations, joy and planning is all around YOU! My spiritual community. Whether it’s business, personal connection, teaching or sharing in one way or another, my life has now become immersed in Kenya with YOU. And while we are still physically miles away, there is NEVER a time that I feel apart from all of you. We are linked and joined together as family through The One.

Music transcends time and space. It connects us no matter language barriers, economic challenges, life experiences. I believe singing and music is a powerful glue. Here’s what I mean. Most of us hear music from the moment we are born, often via lullabies, and through many of the most important occasions in our lives, from graduations, to weddings, to funerals. There is something about music that seems to bring us closer to each other and help us come together as a community.

Whether at concerts, social events or conferences, music can help us connect, participate, and care for each other. To me, this suggests that if we want to have a more harmonious society globally, we would do well to continue to include music and song in our lives, our children’s lives in our Centre’s life, and the entire world!!

In closing, I ask you a question: “What songs, tunes and music will you bring into your day, week, month and year to continue to bring you closer to your truest Divinity, your innate nature of being love, life, joy, beauty, light, power and brilliance.”

Go shine the love and light that you are!!!

Eternal gratitude and love,

Rev. Barbara Samuel


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