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Rev. Connie's Passing into Her Next Great Journey

Date July 4, 2020

It is with great sadness and great celebration for a life well lived that we share that Rev. Connie Phelps transitioned on Tuesday, June 30, 2020. She left us with an amazing vision of sharing Science of Mind with the world. She began that vision by creating a thriving, deeply spiritual, consciously aware community in Kenya. The Board of CSLKenya want to assure everyone that Rev. Connie's legacy continues on. Her work is being done even now in Nairobi and surrounding cities as together we walk through this time of loss and memories. Rev. Connie gave us the conviction of Truth and following wherever God leads. We honor that every day as we continue to learn, grow, deepen, connect, and celebrate together.

Thank you, Rev. Connie for being our teacher, leader, and friend.

Michele Taylor R.Sc.P

Date: June 25, 2020

Dear Centre for Spiritual Living Kenya students and friends,

As you know Rev. Connie returned to Canada for medical treatment in April.  After being in Edmonton for 3 weeks, Rev. Connie was admitted to hospital and has been having treatment for cancer since then. 

On Friday evening last week, Rev Connie was told that the 2nd type of chemotherapy treatment was not being effective.  Because of this, there is no more active medical treatment options and Rev. Connie has moved into palliative care treatment which is keeping her comfortable.  Due to the aggressive nature of her illness, the prognosis is a very few days to live.  Rev. Connie is spending this time with family.

Rev. Connie is strong, clear and at peace with this part of her journey.

Please treat and hold Rev. Connie in love knowing her journey continues. 

The recording of Rev. Connie’s sharing this announcement will be available on YouTube.  She had great teaching moments and shared openly about surrendering her physical body.  This will be posted on Rev. Connie's youtube channel: (likey late Friday).

Rev. Connie’s vision to teach Science of Mind in Kenya has resulted in a strong, vibrant community.  Please know that the CSL Kenya has a strong foundation and Rev. Connie’s vision will continue to unfold.   The leadership teams (Boards of Centre for Spiritual Living Kenya and Conscious Living Foundation) are fully committed to continuing the great work that Rev. Connie has been doing.   Classes will continue by Zoom.  Ministers have stepped up to teach classes and we will continue to share information in as timely manner as possible.

To our Kenyan friends, please know you have a strong group of practitioners available to you and to support you.  Please reach out to the office if you need to know how to connect with a practitioner.

To all our other friends, please reach out to your personal practitioner or your local Center practitioner. 

Know you are all loved and the leadership teams appreciate the love and support you have given to our friend, Connie and to the Centre for Spiritual Living Kenya community. 

Your Centre for Spiritual Living Kenya/Conscious Living Foundation board members,

Rev. Kathryn Cardinal

Rev. Barb Samuel

Michele Taylor, RSc.P

Susan Berry, RSc.P

Michael Kiragu, RSc.P

Lameck Memba

Rehema Mutunga

Bryan Munene

Paul Kinuthia



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