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Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Rev. Connie is back in Edmonton and being treated for current health challenges. However, since she never misses an opportunity to grow, she is now living through a very deep and transformative period in her life. She is choosing to share this experience through what she initially labeled "Healing into Wholeness" but has since revised to RAWportunity. RAWportunity is Rev. Connie "RAW", unfiltered, open, and sharing this journey of awareness as she heals into wholeness. She has more information about this adventure including video and audio files on her YouTube channel and the church's Facebook page.

Rev. Connie is hosting a weekly RAWportunity event where she shares her insights garnered from her weekly experiences of synchronicity, meditations, and reflections. She truly knows she is in an amazing place and feels that now is the time for this level of deep connection and awareness. Please feel free to look for the invitation on the church's Facebook page or email for a notice of the new event.



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