I have had some moments over the past few weeks to feel a sense of big things happening and big responsibilities that left me feeling a little overwhelmed. And just yesterday morning, I was beginning to sense the very beginnings of anxiety in my chest welling up at the thought of what was on my schedule for the day and a family problem….and I began to come to the present moment with a breath or two, and ask, “What is this?” What is this fluttery feeling in my body that is signaling a message to me?” I allowed the time to be with it and then a whispering intuitive message reminded me to know that whatever I was feeling was not the Truth. It was not the Truth of me and who I am. What brought this feeling on was in fact, me forgetting who I was other that my big “S” self and I thought of my day as “TOO MUCH”!! and I could not handle it.

And then, the words that brought me back and calmed me were, “It is All Good!” And in those contemplative moments that transpired, I lit up and all dread, anxiety-type feelings fell away. It is the most amazing experience to transcend what was at first such a “big” deal that it overwhelmed me, to moving through me and passing as I unified with Spirit, in a few minutes. It is what it is, and it will be one thing at a time. I have to re-remember that there is only one thing happening, to be mindful of that consciously.

It seems to be a human habit that we have to label things, good or bad, happy or sad, dirty or clean, hard or easy, mean or kind, on and on. It is sometimes making it more of a situation by the labels. But God does not care of these comparisons; It is indifferent. A penny is on equal grounds as a million dollars and a tiny house is the same as a sprawling mansion in the Mind of God. The point being that when we come to using affirmations or Spiritual Mind Treatment, we have no worries to go big (our human mind understanding of big). Using the Law of Mind, the creative process, labels or comparisons have no place so treat for your true desires as they are just “creations” and the Universe is infinite.

“Comparatives do not belong to the Universe. They are merely differentiations in our own mind. Dropping them completely our of our thought, we contemplate neither the big nor the little, but the Thing Itself taking particular form”; Ernest Holmes LSOM pg. 222.

Dr Holmes goes on to say that “it must be, then, that the obstruction is in our own consciousness, or from our unconscious resistance created by the thoughts of big and little or hard and easy. This is what we must overcome.” Of course, it is consciousness. Can it not just be “It is what it is.”, face value? Could it ever come to be that we’lI let it just be what it is with no labeling? Probably not. It is how we express certain things to other people so that they can understand what we see or experience. We use it as a descriptive language, no? It does have a place?

In class, we have exercises to become aware of our self-talk inventory, maybe the use of comparisons can be added to what we pay attention to in our daily lives. Is this one of our obstacles in our creation of a successful livingness? “Oh the things that make you go mmmmmm!” (Dr. Seuss)

Peace and Blessings,

Rev Gwen Smith

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