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Minister's Visit 2023

Rev. Barbara Samuel and Rev. Melody Bailes made their way to Kenya for "press some flesh" as Rev. Barb puts it. Thank heavens Rev. Mel loves to take pictures! Stop back often for new photos.

March 22 - Rev. Barb met Nancy at the office where Nancy received the new headphones from CSL Kelowna. The picture of the balloons is from a baby blessing Rev. Barb did for one of our students. She just loves babies! She was so thrilled to be bringing this ritual to the community.

March 20-21 - I believe these are photos from a grand tour that Lameck took the ministers on of Nairobi. Then there was a days outing with the CLF (Conscious Living Foundation) board members. Photos include a lay over in London (Rev. Mel is British so this was exciting for her!) and maybe a meerkat ? and a log. Such tourists eh!



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