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Look Up!

Teaching Science of Mind classes again has been seeing this amazing teaching again for the first time. I have been told in the beginning of my studies that there will be times that you read the same passage or material and it is like you have never read it before because of being at a different level of evolvement. It is wonderful to revisit the SOM textbook with the students in SOM 103.

We have been talking about our self-talk and bringing awareness to what we are saying to ourselves every day. Science has proven that we may have up to 60,000 thoughts per day and 80% are negative thoughts. And we claim and know that thoughts are powerful and creative… so becoming mindful of our thoughts and the e-motion behind it, we can live in a more positive way? But that only works if the thoughts are positive!! And we wonder why we have days that are gloomy, or things are not working out.

We asked the students to observe throughout the day and week what their self-talk was and becoming aware of it and the sense of it. I would ask anyone to do this to mentally “houseclean” our minds. And I would say be gentle as the observer and catch these negative thoughts before they take hold or overtake the more positive thoughts.

But there are times I feel the weight of the world or even half the weight of the world and there is not much uplifting self-talk going on. For me those hours of the day would look more like downer talk: “I am never good enough.” ;“Why don’t I ever get promoted?”; “Oh well what is the use”; “I don’t feel like doing anything.”; “It is too cold.”; or “I am too tired.” It’s while being in the slump that not much looks bright enough to pull me out. I used to stay in the slump for way too long in my younger years and did not know of a way to pull myself out other than get more sleep or go for a walk. It never occurred to me to change my thoughts!

When in a funk, we tend to not hold ourselves upright, our shoulders roll in, and we tend to look downward. Our bodies are great indicators of how we are feeling. If uplifted, happy in love, we would be skipping along, shoulders back and looking upward and out not at the ground.

We are thinking beings and we cannot turn thoughts off. It is the tendency of these thoughts that create a “thought atmosphere” (SOM) which is the “direct result of conscious and unconscious thought” (SOM). Therefore, we can benefit by being aware of our thoughts throughout the day. What do we want to attract to us? What is our desirable living? We are the gatekeeper of our minds and “There is no power in the universe but ourselves that can free us.” (SOM)

If we want success, we act successful. If we want love, we become more loving. If we want peace and calm, we act in a peaceful manner. If you want to stop feeling down, look up. We act ‘as if’ until the “act and actor are one” (SOM). Now check in to see what your thoughts are? They are shifting your thought or mental atmosphere to success, love and peace. It takes effort and it is worth it. Awareness is curative. We are the keepers of the gate of our thoughts no one can do this for us.

How can we turn the day around when our thoughts, mood and feelings are blue or negative or hopeless? For starters: throwback your shoulders, walk tall and look up!! Look up!




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