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I'm Diving IN!

By: Rev. Barb Samuel

Religious Science has been a gift and blessing in my life for decades. I remember the first time I heard the name “Religious Science”, I thought, “well, this is very scientific sounding”. I had been part of a religious community my whole life. I never felt anything was missing, but I always felt and thirsted for more. More of a deeper understanding of life, death, forgiveness, a sense of wholeness, and a feeling of immeasurable joy.

I found it one day in a song. You see, Spirit has always spoken to me and been a part of me. I discovered in this song that day, that it was up to me to listen to all of the messages or signals and ques it was giving and sending my way to catch my attention by means of my personal life. When I heard It speak my language through a tune, all of a sudden, I was paying attention in ways I had never watched or listened for before. The answers to my questions were not only relayed to me through the lyrics and melody of a song, the answers to my many questions showed up in the rain and nature. They displayed themselves in smiles of strangers. Answers revealed themselves when I discovered that I was profoundly moved and inspired by helping others.

You see, the Divine speaks every language, exists in every culture, resembles Itself in every person and everything, and even in every circumstance. It even exists in the deep questions AND in the magnificent answers that life has to offer. To realize this, first I had to be willing to dive in. Just leap regardless of other people’s opinions, thoughts and judgements. I had to dive in and open myself up to receive so Spirit could have Its way in, through, as, and for me! I choose to dive despite my fear, confusion and unfamiliarity with this philosophy. A small voice inside whispered, “just jump! You will be ok. Just dive into me”. And I did…and the rest is history.

Sure, I’ve had some bumps and bruises along the pathway of this thing called life, but with the knowledge and wisdom I have gleaned from this SOM Teaching, the bumps seem to get smoother more quickly, and the bruises fade easily and swifter.

If something in you is saying jump in, just dive! Listen to the little voice. That is Spirit speaking through you. Watch for it in children, animals, experiences, hardships and challenges, and of course listen for it in music. That song by the way that caught my attention was Blessed Assurance! The lyric starts like this: Blessed Assurance. The Spirit is mine!.....and It’s yours too! Once I heard that, I never had a hesitation to Dive in! Join me!

Giant hugs and love always,

Rev. Barbara Samuel



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