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I Choose to Use the Creative Power Intentionally

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Blog July30,2020

By: Rev. Gwen Smith

December 2019 I was very excited to know that the year 2020 was about to begin. I felt it was going to be a year of great in “sight”, as 2020 means perfect vision. Oh the anticipation was ever so great in me as 2019 faded away.

A part of the anticipation was that my husband and I were booked to fly to Nairobi to attend the CSL Kenyan 2020 conference and participate in the adventure of the tours that Rev Connie and her team had arranged. Yes, a dream trip in every sense of the word. Never did I imagine that I would experience such a soul connection with the Kenyans, leaving me to wonder when I would come back to Kenya to assist Rev. Connie with classes. I knew deep within me that I was to come back.

Once home in mid-February, the thought of returning to Kenya was frequently in my mind and I began to look into different times late in the year to return. And then it happened…….not one of us on this earth could have guessed that a microscopic organism was about to change everything. Everything. Everyone’s daily lives were affected, globally. All future ideas and plans were stalled and paused indefinitely.

As time passed and we began to settle into our new reality of staying home, social distancing, and reviewing the numbers of outbreaks and deaths occurring. The idea of going back and teaching in Kenya became uncertain.

Late May I received word that Rev Connie was teaching classes from Canada via zoom from her hospital room. I talked with her and she invited me in to join the class. I did.

A new version of how I was to assist Rev Connie with classes with the Kenyan community was brought to me by her invitation to join her class via Zoom. In my earlier musings about returning to Kenya, the big question was when. Now, I know the answer; it was NOW. The use of technology has been the saving Grace to ensuring that the classes that were started and planned for were able to be carried out. Zoom Zoom!!

You see the seed (my desire to return to teach classes) was planted into the Infinite Possibilities and all along it was germinating in the Soul, the fertile soil of the Universe. And in my complete faith and deep knowing that I would be in service to CSLKenya someday, I trusted the integrity of the Law always saying YES. And it showed up, manifested into something that was never in my idea, my small mind idea of it!! My idea of what it would look like was to physically travel to Nairobi, stay for several weeks, live with and learn from Rev Connie and become immersed in the community, in sacred service.

We live in Infinite Possibilities, there is no finite to the Source of our being and anyone of us may tap into this using the Creative Power that is ours to use. And I know this how….because we are ONE.

Everyone, everyone, everyone is using the Creative Power that lives within and we may (I used the word “may” because we are always at choice) train our minds to direct our intentions to use it xeffectively rather than live in a stupor. To awaken humanity out of the stupor to each one’s spiritual magnificence is our purpose; having each individual know their own magnificence will create a world that is living in harmony, love, peace, health, prosperity. Each of us is enough and each of us matters because we are Love. We are One.

I am so very grateful that Spirit knew better than my mind could have known how (virtually) and when (now) I could be with the Kenyan community again and that I kept my faith in this call to return. This or something better.

We should turn to that Living Presence within, recognize It as the One and the Only Power in the Universe, unify with it; declare our word to be the presence, power, and the activity of this One.” Ernest Holmes

Affirmation: Knowing I am one with Source, I choose to use the Creative Power intentionally.



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