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I Choose...

Life is full of choices. Think about it, choices can truly be considered the “crossroads” in this journey called life.

A sign on a lawyer’s office read, “I choose happiness”. I thought it was a little ironic in a lawyer’s office but it did get me to thinking about how frequently we are making choices and for what?

Some choices are quite menial and others life changing with others being anywhere in between. They are made with great thought, in a quick manner or without any consideration at all. When we look back on our lives, we can see how making certain choices has affected our lives and the impact it has made on others as well. Take parenting for example, it is inconceivable all the choices made on behalf of our children. Think about our career choices or to experiment with drugs. Or not.

As we study the Science of Mind teaching, we are awakening to our spiritual magnificence within ourselves and to see it in others. As we gain this knowledge and our awareness expands, our decision making and our choices are made with more clarity and consciousness, hopefully. But there are times when it is not so, we still make decisions which leave us disappointed, unfulfilled, bewildered or at a loss. Our hidden belief systems, our past, our outside influences……. can all play into an undesirable outcome. Sound familiar? We talk about this in classes.

Debbie Ford calls it an underlying commitment. “Our underlying commitments are responsible for the discrepancy between what we say we want and what we are actually experiencing.” In class, we encourage students to unearth these hidden beliefs or underlying commitments. To first reveal them, which disempowers them, and then we can choose to make the shift and move forward in the Truth. A great example in her book “The Right Questions”, is someone wanting a successful career, but they have the underlying belief that what they really want is for someone else to take care of them. This is conflicting so it is the underlying commitment or hidden belief that will present not the desire; this person will never have a successful career, unless…..

When we use Spiritual Mind Treatment for something we want or desire in our life and it does not show up, what do we do? Maybe you could reach out to another to help and treat for you. What is the obstacle? What is the block? And as Emmet Fox says, “if the effect is not showing up because __________(fill in the blank) then treat the because.” Back up and have a look, then treat the “because”. What is that because? Where am I feeling it in my body? It may show up as unworthiness, insecurity, undeserving, uncertainty, unloved, in judgement and on and on. We have the tool of Spiritual Mind Treatment to assist us in decision making by clearing the obstacle and revealing the Truth.

An inspired choice will make you feel more alive and free, and it feeds your life force. “Will this choice propel me toward an inspiring future, or will it keep me stuck in the past?” asks Debbie Ford. Do we want to stay a victim, for example, or grow from the experience and not relive the past?

Our choices are who we are in the world; how we show up. We can decide to be right or be kind, create chaos and drama or be the calm in the storm. We are always at choice. Bring awareness to all choices and be present in the power of that choice. After all, we were gifted with free will.

I choose Love. I choose happiness. I choose calm. I choose compassion.

Blessings of Love and Peace.

Namaste, Asante Sana.

Rev Gwen



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