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How I Live My Life, Creates What Comes My Way

Brought to you by CSLKenya Funday School

Today was Funday School, CSLKenya’s children’s group. We had a great time talking about what it means to be a friend and exploring the word Karma – How I live my life, creates what comes my way. This week our book was On My Way to a Happy Life by Deepak Chopra.

Our process was to make a bubble map with the word FRIEND in the middle and make spikes from the center out with words that are important to remember about being a friend. Who I am creates what comes back to me. Here is a list of words the children’s group came up with.

Thankful Friendly Love Peace

Grateful Patient Happy Kind

Forgiving Joyful Goodness Faithful

Compassion (we discussed what this meant.) Loyal (We also discussed this word.)

Self- control Generous

These are all words each of us can choose to shine out in the world. Our opeing song today was “We Are A Light in This World” by Donna Michael. We are going to use our Friend Words each week just like Rev. Barbara talked about on Froggy Friday.

Each week we do a meditation. This week it was Friendly Wishes by Peace Out This was followed by our Gratitude Song: Thankful by Juicebox Jukebox.

Our closing prayer was “I know and I accept, I bring the gift of …”

We had a great time! Check out the children’s group candles on Facebook.

Until next week, Namaste – The Light in Me Sees the Light in You.



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