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Host or Hostage?

By: Rev. Gwen Smith

Yesterday I decided to get on my knees and thoroughly wash my floor as I had had two dogs in the house (we were looking after them temporarily) and they had tracked wet and dirt in over the course of several days. Now I had been mopping the floor but that is not getting deep into really cleaning the floor, only the surface. And as I was down on my knees, my thoughts went to a practitioner session I recently had and the person who came to me for a session was going deep into their revealing and healing. They were on their knees ready to be free of an old wound.

It made me consider being on my knees. And how “on your knees” is a metaphor for doing the deep work, when you just cannot push the wound (s) down any longer, and you cannot bear the weight of the burden and pain of the shame, guilt, hurt, that you’ve been carrying around. Your soul, my soul, is crying to be free.

I know for me; I have frequently used the mop to clear the “surface” of my wounds which enables me to carry on until it resurfaces, and it will. I know that to stuff it back down is sometimes easier than to make the changes in thinking, being and doing. When we allow our past to be our future, are we a puppet? With the “master past” pulling the strings. That’s ego making sure you stay safe and constricted. It does not serve you and it does not serve Spirit.

Wayne Dyer said, “We can be the host for God or a hostage to our ego.”

Being on our knees, physically or metaphorically, is the start of the deep work that results in freedom. Bless this time because we are loved and supported, guided, and healed resulting in freedom to BE.

Nameste, karibu

Rev Gwen



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