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Going into the Silence…….

Dec 17, 2021 Blog

Here in this part of the world, British Columbia, Canada, we are going into a time of the least amount of light in the day. On December 21 is the “Winter Solstice” where the sun is the lowest in the sky and giving us only 8 hours and 46 minutes of daylight. I personally have dragged myself around with low energy (because I am energized by the sunlight), for many years, adjusting poorly.

Several years ago, I shifted. I listened to someone give a Sunday message and I heard a new option for a new idea and a new perspective. What if I used this time for becoming still, deepening my relationship with Spirit, allowing time for reflection of the year past and bring in new intentions for the upcoming new year. In other words, cocooning with Self.

Now I am fully aware that Kenya would not be experiencing this cold (freezing temperatures), dark times but maybe you have similar times with the changes of weather like the rainy season where is it probably gloomy and you would rather stay inside wrapped in a Shuka.

Why not take time to reflect, to ponder, to set new horizons for a new year? A year of fresh possibilities? If we stopped to think about where we are at right now, ask, do I want to be here in this same ole same ole, or do I want bigger, better, more expanded way next year in December. No more victimhood, no more struggle in relationships or jobs……what are my new intentions? Because it is an inside job…I can change my experience.

If we bless the past year even knowing that there was and is hardship, death and loss, and destruction; can I look at it with some inner peace, with compassion, with love? Can I find some inner harmony rather than worry and fear trumping my thoughts?

I invite others to go into the silence, become still and know, appreciate, re-calculate, expand the imagination……. “We should couple imagination with faith. We should believe that the answer to all our problems already exists in the divine Mind, and we should act as though this were true.” (Ernest Holmes). Let us keep our vision strong for ourselves, community, and the world.

Christmas is the time of rebirthing new ideas and to raise our consciousness above from where we are thinking and acting at. And out of the silence, the hush, and the darkness, we emerge shining brighter for all the world to see. Hallelujah!

My deepest heart-filled wish to everyone and your families for a healthy, joyful, and prosperous Christmas time. Love and Light. I am looking forward to seeing the leaps of spiritual growth in 2022!

Krismasi njema

Reverend Gwen



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