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Funday School

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

The Truth is Still the Truth

In Funday School we did an activity using our snowflakes that we learned to make before the holidays. We folded our paper, cut the rectangle off the bottom of our triangle and then opened it up and wrote what we know is True about ourselves. "I am beautiful." "I am the face of God." "I am kind." "I am love." Then we folded our triangle several times and began to cut out our 'owies'. "My brother was mean to me." "Someone broke my toy." "My new shoes for school got dirty." "Someone said I wasn't smart." ... all of the hurtful things that happen to us - each one, got its own cut out of our triangle. We looked at our jagged, pokey, hard to recognize triangle and said, "OW!" Then we had the big reveal. We opened it up and what we found was the snowflake was beautiful BUT! We could still read our affirmation, the Truth about ourselves. WHAT! Even with all the owies the Truth was still there, visible and beautiful at the center of our snowflake! Some of us then made more snowflakes and found out we could get lots of small and then smaller snowflakes out of the rectangle we cut off and still they were beautiful no matter the size!

The Kisii group was able to join us today. It was their first time making snowflakes. It was nice to have them back. Here are some of our snowflakes.



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