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Forgiveness Is The Fragrance Flowers Give When They Are Crushed… Rumi

I believe Forgiveness is actually a super power.

In this powerful present moment that you are reading this, I invite you to focus on how incredibly amazing you can feel when you forgive. There’s an incredible personal force that can be achieved when we experience forgiveness.

One of the things about forgiveness is related deeply to our emotions. When we’re in relationships with other people and we have not forgiven them, we can feel emotionally blocked. It stops the free flow of genuine emotion and our ability to interact in a wholesome way with others’ emotions as well as our own. Forgiveness is at the core of healing -- Emotional healing AND physical healing -- When you forgive, it allows your being and your heart to heal, and it opens the door to even changes encouraging personal growth. Have you ever thought to yourself, “I don’t want to forgive that person because it gets them off the hook” or dismisses their behavior or actions? The truth is this: that person is unaffected by you forgiving them. Instead, you are the one who receives healing when you forgive and let go. If you are finding it a challenge to forgive, I encourage you to seek a practitioner in your community to start the process of Spiritual Mind Treatment to help you release the anger, sadness, pain, and blame that you’ve been holding inside of you. Remember, you must truly let yourself forgive whatever has happened in the past. If you hold onto the blame or betrayal, forgiveness is nothing but a lip service. It’s just words. You need to release all that blame and the hurt. Let it out, even say it out loud: ‘I forgive this….’ Forgiveness is only real if you let go with the whole of your consciousness. Then, the body can commence healing too. Do you have relationships in your life where you still may be holding on to that need or desire to punish them for something they’ve done? Do you feel that with yourself? If so, from this moment on, try and let go. Offer real, true forgiveness. Bring them into your soul’s heart and empty out all of the unspoken words that you may be keeping inside. You are not excusing their actions; instead, you are lifting the burden from your own heart. Healing and forgiveness are synonyms. Forgive yourself, forgive others, forgive life itself and chose to move forward with a newfound sense of completion and wholeness.

Try repeating The ho'oponopono prayer to yourself and others. It goes like this:

“I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you.”

That's it. ... With regular practice, reciting these four simple phrases helps develop self-love and self-esteem at the times when we need it most.

Continuing to love you out loud and with purpose….

Reverend Barbara Samuel



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