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Don’t Second Guess Your Decision

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

By: Rev. Barbara Samuel

Can you recall the last time when you had to make a huge decision? Not just any ‘ole decision, but a huge ‘life’ decision? I’m talking about the kind of decision that could change the path of your entire life. 

As life is unfolding, as it always does, we are finding ourselves inevitably having to make more and more big decisions. Even tough decisions, and when the risks feel higher than ever, how do you navigate through the multitude of options, such as should I turn right? Or should I turn left? Which direction is the correct one? What if, what I think is currently wrong and it ends up working out five years from now? Or, what if what I think is right, ends up falling apart tomorrow?

Then, if you’re like me, you wind up playing the “what if” game. Because, honestly, who wants to go in the wrong direction, right?

Well, brace yourself. Here’s the remedy to all of the what if’s and I don’t knows and not sures. This is what I’ve learned when it comes to decision making! There is no “right” or “wrong”. There’s only right or left! Whew! That’s a relief, isn’t it?

I want you to think back to your favorite teachers, mentors, coaches. All of your influencers of your youth. Who comes to mind? Who do you remember? Why do you remember them? Maybe they supported you through tough times. Maybe it was how they unconditionally loved you. Maybe they gave you a new perspective when you needed it the most. They were your number one cheerleader in your life. You remember them.  As a Minister, professional singer and musical director, when I’m on a stage and in front of an audience, I have an incredible opportunity to move people emotionally, spiritually and even physically when they get up and dance with me. To have the ability to simply connect with them through the use of a lyric or a melody is a true blessing.

My goal is to help you. Whether I inspired you or give you a new perspective, I want you to feel that you matter to me because you do.

If that’s my goal -- to make you feel like you matter -- how can there be a right or wrong? My desire is to not over complicate anything. Make a point and help people. Period. I want to create a moment that is memorable and worth recalling in times of struggle, hardships or challenge.

In our minds, we usually complicate issues or create obstacles and make things worse by burdening ourselves with the question of, “is this right or wrong?” BUT…if we remember there is no right or wrong, only right or left, I’m left with a sense of ease and grace about moving forward in any situation knowing my decision is okay. I have learned to become confident in my decision making, trusting the process of choice, and then moving forward.

In recent years, I have practiced and exercised how to make a choice and not look back. The great thing about the evolution of life is that there are many choices and paths out there, all filled with a variety of options. Who knows? What if, what you now think was the wrong choice, ends up saving your life one day?

My good friend and teacher Connie, used to say, “You don’t know what you don’t know….. but Spirit does”.  There is nothing more stable and more freeing than making a decision, sticking to it, and confidently making the best out of the choice you made. I love falling into the surrender of the power of decision! So many possibilities you’re not even aware of yet! Make a decision and even wait for it, have fun with the results. Life is much too short to constantly be controlled by worry. Things are rarely as bad or as good as we think they are.

So here’s your invitation for today: 

Deep breathe.Take some risks. Enjoy life. And don’t look back!

Knowing this opens the door to the freedom you’re craving today

Until next time,

Rev. Barb



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