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  • Writer's pictureRev. Gwen Smith

Divine Intelligence is Everywhere

Here in Canada, we have the season of spring, and it is a time in nature, after being dormant in the cold season of winter, to budding fresh flowers and leaves, to new grass turning green, to birthing of farm animals and more.

There is beauty and wonder all around and to sit and be still in nature, is magical as it reawakens. To be the witness of such a display of God’s Grace, deepens the awe of the workings of Divine Intelligence. It is everywhere!!!

I was planting some garden seeds this week and held the lettuce seeds from the package in my hand before I put them into the ground. And I paused, looking down at the seeds, I was astonished that these tiny, tiny wispy seeds were going to produce a full plant that will make many salads; nourishing healthy green salads. How is that possible? There is a design within that seed that makes it into a lettuce plant. It is the Divine Intelligence. That seed that looks like a tiny slip of a single hair, knows to grow into a head of lettuce once it is planted with the right growing conditions. My “wow-factor” is activated every year when I plant seeds and the potentiality of what comes from that seed!

When life feels a little heavy, I go into my yard or for a stroll in nature. As I settle in and start to appreciate all the beauty around me and the magnificence of how everything works together, I feel lighter. It is a simple activity to feel more connected to your higher self by appreciating nature and experience the natural order of IT. Immerse yourself into watching an ant colony, bees collecting pollen, birds playing in the thermals, the patterns in the bark of tree. Let your “wow-factor” bring you back to that place within that is the Joy of Life Itself.

Springtime, here in Canada, is a reminder of the fresh start we may enjoy every day. At every moment of our day, we have opportunities to experience joy, prosperity, love and yes abundance.

It is all God and as you immerse yourself with IT, you realign with your Truth. And the Truth is, God is as close as your breath or the flower bud, blooming.




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