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Deep Peace

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Deep Peace January 1st 2021 blog

Today is the first time that we have held a Taize ceremony for CSL Kenya and I found myself reveling in the aftereffects of it. I had prepared a rough draft for a blog earlier this week to submit, but now I am moved to write something else to share.

The Taizé ceremony on January 1st, 2021, was CSLKenya’s second Taizé as there was one at the 2020 Kenyan Conference. It has always been a concern for me that can we create the intimacy via a virtual means for such a ceremony. Judging from the feedback it was indeed intimate, moving and profound. Reverend Barb created a beautiful and meaningful order and content that worked fluidly and lovingly over the internet…. Thankyou.

Being on the participation side of the ceremony, I was less engaged at times with my feelings and receiving but there were meaningful moments that opened my heart wider and I became immersed in the sacredness of the ceremony. So, it was not until later that I experienced the full affect and I know that as we are one with the One, others would have felt similar. It is my prayer that you did.

For the rest of the day, I felt a sense of deep peace and deep inner calm with the awareness of the Presence from minute to minute. I felt in the “flow” of Life. Everything was at ease in my day and it unfolded in a state of serenity. What a Divine experience and I trust others who attended had more peace, more calmness, more hope, yes? Shifting our consciousness by releasing 2020 with love and meditation was powerful; welcoming the new possibilities is exciting. This is a brand-new day in a brand-new year.

We all know how 2020 showed up, but I am not going to reflect on that now. Not that I am dismissing it, just letting it be. My gift in this day from my experience of the Taize, is deep Peace. In my state of Grace is where I want to stay for the time being. Not peering ahead…just in the holy moment of now. And so it is.

May each of you be blessed with more love, joy, health and prosperity in the days to come. Peace be with you always, in all ways. Assante.



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