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CSLKenya Welcomes New Ministers

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Exciting news:  Centre for Spiritual Living Kenya

Dear Centre for Spiritual Living Kenya students and friends,

On behalf of the Board for the Centre for Spiritual Living Kenya, I am delighted to share the following news. 

Rev. Barbara Samuel and Rev. Gwen Smith have answered the call to be the spiritual leaders and to co-pastor the Centre for Spiritual Living Kenya.  Rev. Gwen and Rev. Barb will enjoy shared leadership and in collaboration with the Boards (Centre for Spiritual Living Kenya and Conscious Living Foundation) provide vision, teaching and inspiration, and deliver programs.  This will allow continued strength, support and additional teaching as the leadership teams work together to build on the strong foundation and vision of the founder, Rev. Connie.  This decision was made in collaboration with Rev. Connie.  

Many of you may remember Rev. Barb and Rev. Gwen from the New Thought conference.  Both attended and have been touched and called to continue the work with the community to ensure the continued unfoldment of this magnificent spiritual community: the Centre for Spiritual Living Kenya.  Please see introductions below and get to know our new co-spiritual leaders. Stay tuned for video introductions in the next few days. 

Welcome Rev. Gwen and Rev. Barrb!!

With joy and love, 

Board, Centre for Spiritual Living Kenya

Rev. Kathryn Cardinal

Michele Taylor

Susan Berry

Michael Kiragu

Get to Know Rev. Barb & Rev. Gwen

Rev. Barbara:

Rev. Barbara Samuel is an Ordained Minister and the Musical & Artistic Director at the Center for Spiritual Living Kelowna, Canada.

She brings to her Ministry, experience and energy.  Having participated in many International conferences supporting the Centers for Spiritual Living, a personal highlight was acting Musical Director for the 20/20 Vision Kenya Conference.

Committed to carrying on the Vision of Reverend Connie Phelps, Reverend Barb is pleased to unite her heart with the Kenyan community accepting the Call to serve as Co-pastor with Reverend Gwen Smith.  Working alongside the powerful and capable Boards of Trustees, our Kenyan community is held in the highest of high.

Blessed to be part of a magnificent team to continue to grow, share, bless and teach the philosophy of the SOM to Kenya and beyond, Reverend Connie’s Legacy lives on.

Rev. Gwen:

It is with joy, privilege and honor that I join Rev. Barbara Samuel as Center for Spiritual Living Kenyan's new co-pastors.  I began my studies of Science of Mind in September 2007 and have continued to embrace this teaching ever since becoming an Ordained Minister in 2018. As staff minister at CSL Kelowna, Canada, I have served as a teacher, volunteer coordinator, membership coordinator, on the Board of Trustees and a part of the Music Team.

I am delighted to step into and accept this Calling to serve Spirit and the Kenyan community…and equally delighted to be working alongside Rev. Barbara and both Boards of Trustees. Everyone is working diligently to uphold Rev. Connie's vision for her beloved Kenya family and friends.  I feel deeply connected to all those that I met at the 2020 Conference in Nairobi and in the zoom classes. I want you to know that each of you are loved and supported as we all experience the transition of our dear mentor, teacher, friend, colleague and sister, Rev. Connie Phelps. Love moves us forward.



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